Friday, November 13, 2009

Early Thankgiving

Last weekend about half of my side of the family--the regional contingent--convened at our house for a mostly traditional feast consisting of (in mostly reverse order): apple pie, pumpkin pie, cranberry salad, turkey, stuffing, gravy, baked corn and edamame (tender soybeans boiled in the shell).

Afterward we sang some Thanksgiving-themed hymns, then sat sleepily around the living room, trying to rally our creative powers for a goofy game of "two truths and a lie" which included guessing who wrote the statements. At least one of us was snoring on the floor before the game ended.

Dad, Mom, CP, NS and I had worked up a decent appetite during the day by planting Norway maples, oaks, pony tail grass and a rhododendron bush around the property. NS got to ride in the brand-spanking new blue wheelbarrow (not pictured) arguably purchased for the occasion.


  1. looks like some good compfy fun.
    nice SA shirt on CP.

  2. yay, yay yay! thanks for the pictures. from what it sounds like, I might not even recognize your place when I get back. I couldn't orient how you'd arranged the table. spring will beautiful there. squeeze you-know-who from her aunti.