Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Pics from the Pile: January in Review

Last week, when I described to my husband how, some days, my life feels like a "nondescript pile of crumbs," he countered, "Well, at least it's not a pile of nondescript crumbs."

I hope the following fragments from my heap will add a descriptive spark to your day, dear reader.

My second annual attempt at Rosca de reyes (a.k.a. King's Day or Epiphany sweet bread), this time inspired by a Mexican cookbook bursting with colorful photos, turned out almost as festive-looking as the pictures.

H's blessing service at our little church drew an impressive critical mass of family members from both sides and painted warm memories all around.

One of my favorite moments was when the pastor carried H around to be blessed by each person.

Sister C and husband D spent a precious few days afterward, en route to three years of living and serving on another continent. That Sunday the gathered family knotted a comforter to send along for their receiving community.

Cousins connected.

H enjoyed unwrapping a few gifts, including Grandpa's handmade truck, while showing off her new sitting skill.

Our chilly walk at a nearby (new to me) forest was a highlight of C&D's visit.

N enjoyed their company immensely.
Sister H brings out the music in my daughters.

Tea parties with friends keep the winter doldrums at bay.

H sits up proudly.