Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Wedding Celebration

My younger sister H got married a couple weekends ago. It was the second family wedding my parents hosted in six months--and, hopefully, the last for a long, long time.

On Friday night friends and family gathered around the groom's infamous giant sub sandwich.

During dinner there was a poignant reunion with my newest nephew and his family, who arrived from afar.
L-R: Mom, Dad, groom, bride

After months of hard work on groom M's part, the Cricket waited at the ready to whisk the couple away on a three-week honeymoon.

Groom M wowed the crowd with his ingenious pyrotechnics after dinner.

On Saturday, the most recently wed couple in the family helped us inject fun into family photo time by showing up en mass wearing bright green T-shirts to match the getaway car. After the prank snapshot, we shed them quickly, due to the intense heat. 

L-R: Nephew N, Mom, sister-in-law A, Dad, brother D

The pranksters (older sister C and husband D):
Yours truly with NS and CP:

Oldest sister G (who would start chemotherapy four days later), brother-in-law M, and trio of sweetness:

And of course, the couple of the hour, M and H:

The winsome wedding ceremony took place in a hilltop meadow before sundown.

Bride and Mom conferring at the reception:

Twins' salute: