Friday, August 22, 2008

Grocery Store Commentary

NS recently graduated to a bigger car seat, the kind that you can't use to carry her around in the store. Yesterday we had to buy some groceries, so I claimed one of the shopping carts with a rear-facing red plastic baby seat attached. She was fascinated by everything in sight (as usual) and, still nap-less at mid-afternoon, was holding sleep at bay with a will. As a result, she looked rather uncomfortable, elbows propped and head craning around for a better view.

Here are some of the comments she elicited from strangers (for once, I didn't see anyone I recognized!):

(Lady in the egg aisle chuckles, calls her companion's attention to NS.) "Look! She's sitting up there like..." ("A princess?" I murmur.)

"She's got some pretty eyes." (I've lost count of how many times we've heard that one...or bright eyes, or big eyes.)

(Elderly lady coming the other way stops to look around at NS' face.) "Lawdamercy! You got a sweet one."

(Older gentleman behind us, admiring NS over my shoulder.) "Now that's happiness."