Thursday, August 28, 2008

Basil Trivia

Remember the meager garden I left behind when we moved out of town? I reaped some satisfaction from it, after all. On a maintenance trip back to the vacant house, CP brought back (in addition to a handful of decent heirloom tomatoes) my eight varieties of basil plants in a paper bag.

I feverishly whipped up a double batch of pesto while the leaves were fresh. The remaining whole plants (small leaf variety) I washed, patted dry with a kitchen towel, and froze on a cookie tray for a while. Then I sealed them in a Ziploc bag and threw them in the freezer.

Within the next week I used them all. At first I tried snipping individual leaves off stems, but they thawed quickly and stuck to everything. It worked much better to shake the bag, dislodging the frozen leaves, and pour the leaves out of the bag.

1 comment:

  1. Hey, the basil you gave me finally took off growing and about a month ago I made some mega-pesto and froze it. I think it's about time to do another harvest session. My absolute favorite is the lemon basil. That smells just too yummy for words.