Monday, August 18, 2008

Confessions of a Cell Phone Owner

Today I strolled over to the university with CP and NS to get library cards. While CP did some school prep work on his school laptop (on this final day of summer vacation), NS and I lolled about on the grass outside. I had some phone calls to make, so while she inched around, tasting crunchy yellow leaves, I took care of business on the handy new cell phone.

Now, I generally hold in disdain the over-use of cell phones (don't even get me started on the long list of other rampantly seductive electronic media). Aside from the obvious hazards of calling and driving, baking and calling, etc., it's just a messed up way to spend life, that is, trying to be in too many places and dabble in too many things at once so that one never gives full attention to the moment's experience. (Read almost anything on the spiritual life, and you'll get the idea.)

Coming from this mind frame, I felt slightly guilty watching my gorgeous baby explore the world while I made tomorrow's plans with a friend on the phone. I ought to be giving her my full attention. Sheepishly I recalled all the times I've mentally scolded strangers who stroll under a cloudless sky, phone to ear, oblivious to their companions, or broadcast their one-sided arguments over dinner in a restaurant.

When I confessed this to CP, he kindly reminded me that I have to make calls somewhere; I could have been doing so in the living room, but at least I was enjoying the great outdoors and allowing NS to do the same.

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  1. is your cell phone Verizon? does that mean verizon to verizon calling for this sis to sis?