Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snow Day #2

The first significant storm of the season landed CP two consecutive days at home. Snow days always mean a chance to do some things out of the routine:NS tries on my sneakers:On the first night, Auntie A and Uncle D braved the icy streets and came over for pizza, rummy and a movie. They had both had the day off, too:
NS helps Papi tune up his new bike:NS plays in the snow. Note the bags over the shoes. (In fact, she was more interested in climbing the still-icy steps than playing in the white stuff.):CP plows through Gone with the Wind, while NS peruses a favorite from her shelf, This Little Piggy:

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  1. Love these pictures! Reminds me of the one time we got snow in Mississippi and we put plastic bags on our feet and went sledding down our driveway on cookie sheets!!