Monday, January 26, 2009

Things To Do

It's a typical Monday once again, which means that I'm baking bread and doing laundry. Today it's Pan de Agua (similar to whole wheat French bread, I think, though this is my first go at it) and diapers hanging on a drying rack under cloudy skies and sifting snow flurries.

Almost every day except Sunday I write myself a To Do list. In fact, I often write it the night before and then add things as they come to mind. Take today's list for example (in no particular order):

call ____________
call ____________
make supper (I have a fat little notebook for jotting meal ideas and page numbers of recipes. Over the weekend I brainstorm five or six meal plans and write a grocery list accordingly.)
wash diapers (this is necessary every two or three days)
jog (sometimes this happens if weather, napping activity and all other factors are favorable; often it doesn't, or morphs into a cardiovascularly innocuous walk)
call _____________
dishes (Although CP claims that dish washing is relaxing, even he sometimes gets sick of coming home to a day's heap of pots and pans.)
bread (I scrutinize ingredient labels in the grocery store and seldom can bring myself to buy loaves whose first few ingredients include water and high fructose corn syrup: all of them. Besides, homemade bread is one of my favorite foods.)
lunch options (Packing CP's lunch for the following school day is often what I do while he washes the supper dishes. Bread and cheese are staples.)
email ____________
baby book (NS was 13 months old yesterday, and she made it through the entirety of a formal church service in the pew--with a little help from Grandmommy and Granddaddy.)
sing (CP and I have some gigs scheduled for the first time in almost two years, so we need to get back in musical shape. Lately, though, practice has been complicated by NS' pulling my pant legs and howling in protest. It seems she's jealous of the guitar and my/our divided attention. But then sometimes she really is tired and hungry...whatever the cause, it makes singing, let alone guitar playing, virtually impossible.)

What doesn't make it on the daily list, but always gets done:
feed NS (six or more times)
nurse her (four or more times)
change her diaper (eight or more times)
play with, read to, and hold her (innumerable times)
check email (innumerable times--an excessive habit, thanks to DSL. This is how CP and I communicate during the work day since he doesn't have a classroom phone extension.)

8:06 p.m. Monday's list is 67% checked off.


  1. Yeah, about that excessive e-mail checking. Seems I have the same problem...along with checking too many blogs :)

  2. Maybe it's not excessive. Maybe it's, like, loving your family and friends and the rest of outside world.

    This was interesting, M. I learned about the bad store bread and about how you and your honey are neat buddies with the e-mail.


  3. hey, M. nice blog. I wonder what my list would look like. sometimes it feels like I'm recreating the wheel each day.. hard to make a list for that...