Sunday, May 4, 2008

Memorable Moments

NS continues to relish bath times.
Lots of family showed up to help celebrate her church dedication.

After the service and a potluck, everyone stuck around for a while and enjoyed the outdoors. This was NS' first dress-up occasion, but because the day was inhospitably chilly, she soon had to change into warmer clothes. In Auntie H's words, she was "like a celebrity changing costumes between acts."

Auntie G, Cousin AG, and Cousin ND (a.k.a. Hardhat Man) paid us a much-anticipated visit. We went for walks and playground time at the park, and even hit a couple of thrift stores.


  1. good stories, M. Good pictures,too. Thanks. Thanks for the call,too. sorry i didnt get a chance to call back. love you.

  2. I just wanted to say hi, my mom sent me a link to your blog a little while ago and I have been reading along now. You write so well and the pictures of little NS are so lovely! Anyways it is great to catch up with cousins even through the internet :)
    -cousin Abby

  3. Nice pictures! Thanks so much for your hospitality.