Thursday, November 20, 2008


Yesterday my 10 3/4 month old daughter took her first step. Standing unsupported, she responded to my invitation by stepping forward with her left foot before lunging into the safety net of my arms.

"Does that count?" I asked CP, unsure whether a single-foot step qualified according the the International Academy of Baby Books, or whether a First Step had to be with both feet.

This morning, my doubts were erased when NS did it again. This time, each foot took a small bite of carpet before she fell into my jubilant, congratulatory hug.

As my sister GG (mother of two munchkins) reflected yesterday, the transformation of a baby from an immobile, uncoordinated bundle to a walking, talking person within the first twelve months is simply astounding.

Day 1 (held by Auntie H):

In the next picture, that's not NS. That's Cousin AG, trying strenuously to reach the "baby [newborn NS]!" They're just over a year apart in age. By the way, the green shirt AG's wearing looks suspiciously like one that NS wears these days:
NS in a self-initiated game of peekaboo with Papi just the other day:


  1. Congratulations on the ambulatory achievements, N! (Way, to go, Mom--your kiddo is doing great!) That baby of yours is just way too cute. It's funny how much she and her cousin look alike, if not in facial features, in overall size and shape (especially the head!)

  2. atta girl- that goes for Mama and NS.

  3. gosh- incredible. adorable. and man she WAS big at birth!

    I wonder if I developed as much as her or got as cute in the same 10 months? I can only hope :)