Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Breaking into new circles means that CP and I introduce ourselves and our daughter time and time again. Often this includes an explanation of NS' name (people are curious about its spelling, pronunciation, origin, etc.). Last Sunday was just such an occasion.

After church, a white-haired local storyteller accosted us as we were about to load NS into the stroller and make good on the pastoral family's invitation to lunch. When we told him our baby's name, his eyes took on a pensive, almost misty expression.

"N----." He repeated the name, rolling it slowly off his tongue. "It's...buttery, almost onomatopoetic." He gestured as if praising a delicious morsel.

For me, it was the most surprising--and probably the highest--compliment to date that I've received on N's first name.

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  1. I know exactly who gave you that compliment!

    fits perfectly :)