Tuesday, July 8, 2008

A Limited Menu

Meal times at our house have taken a new twist as the youngest member of the family has graduated from toys-only to tasteless rice mush from a chewable spoon and water from a plastic cup. These are the sole items on her menu so far. She was slated to try butternut squash puree this week. But because those dreaded immunizations were postponed thanks to an even more dire trauma, her budding tastes will have to wait until next week to expand their horizons.


  1. How come you have to wait until the shots to give N butternut squash? I can't wait until my squash are grown so I can give J some!


  2. It's a precaution, in case she would have an adverse reaction to a vaccination, so that it would not be mistaken for a food allergy (or vice versa). Alas, my squash is from last season. I'm hoping it's not freezer burned! -ME