Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Back in the Saddle

Make that "back in the computer chair," meaning it's been a while since I've had a chance to write. Now that NS has quietly fallen asleep lying in her crib (a grand new phenomenon), I could spend this pre-bedtime hour catching up on the bazillion posts on the blogs of all my family members and friends. But this time, for a change, I'm going to throw my own post into the virtual stew.

Since all my sisters have already written about brother DH's recent wedding, I'll limit my commentary to the following: CP and I got to play the dinner music, which was fun. It was a lovely celebration, and I was (and am) thankful and happy to witness the joy of the newlyweds and the promise of their beautiful, faithful life together. Next week at this time we'll be practically neighbors. Hooray!

Below: The brand-new Mr. and Mrs.

Here are few more photos from recent history.

Three generations at last weekend's H family reunion: Mom, Grandma, sister CJ and me, baby NS. It was NS' first H reunion. She was quite the little celebrity, being the youngest (ex utero, that is) in attendance.

NS spends quality time with her closest-in-age cousin, AG, at their grandparents' house.

While we were at Mom and Dad's last week, Ms. T came to see us and meet NS. She taught third grade for thirty-some years in the little township school where my two older sisters and I attended. She taught all her students to knit. Each day after lunch and recess we would get out our knitting projects while Ms. T read aloud from the X-Bar-X Boys series or other cowboy adventures. If we dropped a stitch and got stuck, we could take our yarn and needles to her desk. She'd fix it and hand it back without missing a word of the story.

Mom and Dad bond with NS during wedding rehearsal.
NS reads with Auntie CJ.

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