Wednesday, April 16, 2008

What's in Season in Our Neighborhood

Spring beauties: I picked a bouquet of these tiny pink-white wild flowers just across the driveway.

Grape hyacinths (a.k.a. blue bottles): The house down the street has a dense purple patch in the front yard that makes me gape and smile every time I walk by.

Flowering cherries: Perhaps they're my favorite. What's more breathtaking than a whole tree of flowers?

Tulips: I think there are a few buried somewhere under our fading daffodils. Anyway, I've already spotted their luminous crimson cups nodding around the neighborhood.

Dandelions: I recently learned that the name comes from "dent de leon"--lion's tooth. "Dandelion" sounds much more complimentary. I would have named them something related to stars or suns, reflecting their everyday brilliance.

Another sure-fire sign of spring is the teenage neighbor girl, neon-pink-bikini-clad, lounging in a backyard lawn chair and chatting on the cell phone while absorbing late afternoon UV rays.

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