Wednesday, April 4, 2012

On to Spring

Here's a sweeping glance of our family's February/March as it flew by on (mostly) balmy wings.

Which one is the real doll?

Backyard fun

New heights

Story time with Granddaddy

Bath time with Grandmommy

Sisterly snuggles

Lakeside excursion with Grandpa and Grandma

The artist in her studio

"Rest time" under the tree

Dishwasher in training

Game with Grandpa

H playing with Papi

Egg dyeing with cousins

Group break to examine treasures 


  1. That's so smart, making the bathroom the studio for the messy art.

    And did you boost the color saturation for that dish washing picture? All that orange about knocked my eyeballs out!

  2. What gorgeous pics. I cannot express how much happiness it brings me to be able to get pictures and "watch" those sweet babies of yours, even from a far. And to Jennifer Jo- That is no boosting of color, my friend. That is authentic intensity. Its knocked my eyeballs out every time I've gone home to the homestead!