Friday, January 7, 2011

December 2010 Highlights: Part I

My second term of teaching intermediate English wrapped up with an amazing international potluck.  I came home with so many leftovers that we invited friends over to help us eat them.  Here's my class, minus two students.  I'm second from right; my co-teacher is second from left.  What a great bunch!

Sometimes NS likes to read "books for mommies."

We witnessed the butchering of Dad's deer. NS wondered if the meatballs were going to fall out.  She ate six pieces of venison tenderloin for supper.

NS helped Grandma make gingerbread cookies. Here's one she designed and loaded with gumdrops.  

NS cuddles with Grandmommy and her handmade, personalized blanket.

The artist in her studio:

When they came on Christmas Eve, NS read Grandma and Grandpa one of her favorite story books. They reported that some parts were verbatim.

Our present to NS for her third birthday was a set of baskets with dress-up clothes. She went straight past the firefighter, doctor, frog, and cow costumes to single out this princess dress. 

Based on her favorite Little Bear book, NS chose birthday soup and birthday cake.  She helped to make and decorate the bear-shaped chocolate cake.

By the time the whole gang of aunts, uncles and grandparents got around to dessert, NS was too tired to blow out the candles.

Next afternoon we all reconvened at Auntie A and Uncle D's house for tea, more goodies than we could do justice to, and a goofy white elephant gift exchange. Note NS' golden slippers--her other favorite item from the dress-up box.


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