Wednesday, April 21, 2010


 One chilly day last week, N decided it was time to give all her friends a bath. I oversaw the dishpan-filling with warm water from the bathtub and helped her carry it to the front porch, where she went through her mental list of friends, getting them cleaned up. 

 The cat numbered among the lucky (or unlucky) bathees.

At last she announced it was time for US to take a bath.  "You and me!"

"Oh, no," I replied hastily.  "I'll take a bath tonight. I don't want to right now."

This time she filled the tub all by herself (with cold water), carried it out, stripped down in sight of the neighborhood, and sat down.  She did most of the cursory washing.  Not about to let an easy bathing opportunity slip by, I lathered up her hair.  But the cold water rinse was the last straw. Gasping and shivering, she climbed out and donned her pajamas for nap time.

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  1. whata patient cat! whata delightful g-daughter!