Friday, December 19, 2008

The Birthday That Wasn't

Some call it the holidays; for others, it's the Christmas season. For me, it's family birthday season.

You could say the birthday rush ends within the first two weeks of the New Year with my sister's and niece's birthdays. I suppose it starts with my Dad's birthday (although this year it was several days before Thanksgiving, so maybe that doesn't count). But December is when it starts getting serious.

See, this coming weekend is strictly reserved for the celebration of my mother-in-law's MOT (multiple of ten) birthday. Never mind that her birthday is not this weekend; it was yesterday.

Yesterday CP and NS cheerfully accompanied me to the doorstep of my brother DH and his bride, where we sang him an early birthday carol ("Here We Come A-Wassailing" lyrics were modified to fit the occasion) and delivered a giant cookie with one lit candle in the middle.

"We know your birthday's not today," CP explained, "but we're celebrating another birthday tomorrow." He did not mention the fact that I planned to return later in the evening to hide with his other friends in the dark living room and yell "Surprise!" when he and AL returned from a concert. (It was past NS' bedtime, so I represented the family.) That AL has a remarkable knack for pulling off last-minute parties--i.e. 12 hours in advance--complete with shoofly pie, pumpkin pie, apple tart, and enough guests to gobble them up.

Speaking of hours, my sister HB's birthday is also today (yes, they're twins). However, for her, it will cease to be her birthday at 7:00 p.m. Why? She is five time zones from here.

While we're on the subject of today and birthdays, allow me to reminisce. One year ago today was NS' estimated date of arrival. She declined to share a birthday with Auntie and Uncle and instead chose to share her birthday with Jesus.

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