Thursday, September 25, 2008

An Eyeful

NS can turn almost anything into a toy, even her friend's sock.

My Aunt Came Back ranks officially on NS' Favorite Books List. We miss you, Auntie HB!

Full of morning happiness, NS lounges in her plush red monkey suit (thanks, Auntie GG). I often call her "Curious N" ("N la curiosa"), so the suit fits her perfectly.

Doesn't she even kind of look like the inquisitive little monkey?

She's finally figured out that cameras are for cheezin' it up!

Shes' mighty pleased to demonstrate her new pull-to-stand skill and first pair of jeans.

...And she's off!


  1. About picture #6? Isn't she slobbering excessively??

  2. Is she really crawling? Go N! I can't believe those pajamas fit her already. Go N!! :) What a cutie.

  3. I love the one of her with Phoebe. We are looking forward to being entertained by both soon!!

  4. yay! i finally got to look at blogs! she is so cute and the thing that has changed to most is more hair. sweet- im glad she likes the book, and tell her i miss her real big and i love her real big.

    i love the video you just posted too.
    love, aunti