Wednesday, June 18, 2008


The early heat wave crested and broke in a series of hearty thunder storms over the past couple of weeks, ushering in a coolness I could not have imagined two weeks ago. We did get the AC fixed, but in fact, at our house the windows are open and we're sleeping under covers. Today, the temp got no higher than the 7o's--which prompted me to don pants and a sweatshirt.

CP is officially on summer vacation as of today. The past two days I've spent sorting through closets, boxing things to give away and bagging others to throw away, and organizing still others in a packable manner. I've been dreading this sorting process, and yet as I mark yet another drawer or closet off the list, there's a feeling of satisfaction, lightness, the shedding of a few more layers of stuff.

With this stunning bouquet of rainbow chard from JJ's garden I made Eggs in a Nest with brown rice for supper.

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