Monday, March 10, 2008

Beauty Sleep

As soon as yesterday's diapers were folded, today's were hung up to dry, and NS fell asleep, I carted her off to the women's fitness club around the corner where I try to work out three times weekly. She's a hit with the other members, usually sleeping angelically through 30 minutes of disco-tech music, her car seat parked prominently in the center of the exercise circuit.

Today NS woke up just as I was doing my cool down stretches. When her eyes open, the countdown begins until the next feeding or diaper crisis. I forged on to the grocery store across the street, remembering on arrival that I'd forgotten the Snugli. That oversight left no choice but to plunk her, car seat and all, into a big shopping cart.

As I zipped through the aisles, checking off my list, her eyes got wider and wider, and I heard the makings of a big diaper deal. By the time we got to checkout, she was squalling. As I scrambled to pack my bags, a gray, grizzled man with a cane stopped and engaged her in conversation, eliciting a couple of smiles and distracting her until I could get the cart rolling again. I know children aren't supposed to talk to strangers, but this stranger demonstrated the value of a well-timed kindness.

Here is NS sleeping off the excitement of the morning's adventures.


  1. can you believe that gorgeous little thing is your very own! WOW. could be the lighting, could be the brilliant colors or it could be this aunti's rose colored glasses but I dont think so. I think she is just absolutely stunning.
    Way to let the community help you raise the child,too!!

  2. CJ- Thanks! That's exactly how I feel!!! If you think she's gorgeous asleep, you should see her with her blue eyes wide open! (: -ME